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I saw the mortified faces of the people standing outside

When we came in the house, when we shut our door

When we pulled the drapes….You know what?

It blows…

I see the ugly canvas hanging on the walls

I feel the cold breeze coming thru the window we left open last night

I can only imagine what people must be thinking about us…But you know what?

It blows…

Since we ran away people have turned their backs on us

They walk passed us as if blindfolded

I’m not ashamed of what we did….cos you know what?

It blows…

There’s no sunshine or sunrise on this street since we’ve moved in

It’s been raining for ages it seems

Gray, picture gray, black and white, pure gray…you know what?

It blows…

I’ll wake up on another day when you’re not here

I’ll get the pictures down from the walls

I’ll open the windows and get rid of the drapes….and you know why?

This whole thing blew..