A lazy day spoiler alert

Diets, diets, diets, detox diets, antioxidants, green coffee pills, green tea, lots of water, shakes, low fat, gluten free, tasteless food, small bits, lots of water, lemon, grapefruit juice, plants, soups, baby foods, running, lifting, crunching, jumping, sweating. Empty stomach, headaches, dizziness – failure. Day after day, tv, radio, magazines, billboards, adds, commercials are inviting us to a life of happiness and health. Images of a life spent in between waists and hips measurements. Getting up and down scales, eating strange tasting ingredients, all these have become an ugly impersonation of a beautiful mind in a beautiful body. Thousands of books, magazines and papers written on the weight loss matter.

I’m tired of it. It makes me grouchy and it bores me. I don’t feel the need to talk about it or point fingers at people for doing this sort of things or for following this life style. It’ll be nice if media will encourage people to have a better and more decent life by watching what they’re eating in the first place and then help the same people have a better life through exercise. Or, it’ll just be nice if media will give us a break from all of it. After you “bump” into all these adds, all day, at every step, you see it displayed on every wall, you start questioning yourself and you end by convincing yourself that you have a potential serious weight problem. Most people in this situation are perfectly normal people.

Myself – I like being fit, I like to play sports, I exercise when I can, I have a relatively balanced diet, I try to stay hydrated, sleep well, rest etc, etc. By nature I have a body that helps me maintain my weight at a balanced level, a liver that can support my drinking escapades and a hard head that hurts like hell the morning after the drinking escapade….

My entire family was into sports and I guess that made it easier for me to follow that path. I played basketball for almost 7 years, some volleyball and tennis and biking occasionally. I was raised by a family with strong “health values”. After my mom got sick in the early ’90s she started reading about all sorts of alternative medications, plants, teas and other things that will keep your body healthy and your brain sane. I was brought this way, and in contact with what nature can provide in order to satisfy human’s basic needs.

What bothers me is that people tend to follow some ridiculous rules and the same people will finish this stupid “race” by embracing principles that will make other people happy and not themselves. This “looking good/feeling good” competition is more of a woman thing. In order to live a happy life without constraints, some women got the wrong impression that they will be loved more, respected more and appreciated more if they looked good, and by good I mean sexy. There’s nothing wrong with that since I do like to see good-looking people and I certainly respect those who took the time to respect themselves by exercising and taking care of themselves. But, there’s a fine line between people who are living a better life as a result of their education, and the people who are acting like they’re living the life by pretending to be these super-humans who have dedicated their lives to a body-building routine. These are the exact people I don’t care to know about. I hear them talking at every corner, they brag about their weight loss, the hard work they put into it, they compare each other’s weight, they measure each other’s abs, they post silly updates on social networks, and they take countless self-ies to show people their progress.

Well, I do appreciate a person with a medical weight issue who decided to lose weight because the weight was endangering their well-being, and I appreciate the people who keep this to themselves. I support the cause silently. I don’t need to like it on facebook, it’s absolutely unnecessary to share that for other people to see (since I’m sure they’re as sick as I am of hearing the story…) and if you need people to congratulate you for your achievement, I feel bad for you. That’s something that should come naturally to most of us – the need to be active that is.

Nowadays, working out, or any kind of exercise is seen as a breakthrough, a big success, an astonishing event. Well, it is far from that. If more people will consider the crap they eat everyday, and if they could think twice before they stuff themselves with burgers, fries, large sodas and donuts, they won’t be put in the position of having to work their butts off at the gym in the first place.

I’m not a hater, I want to see beautiful people spending more time out, running, biking, or just walking, I admire lean bodies and I respect the individuals with a good sense and self-esteem. But I will not give props to those who bore people by repeating their amazing makeover over and over and over. People who don’t go out anymore because they can’t eat a proper meal with the rest of us, they can’t drink anything, but water with lemon, they go out for a short and quick snack because they have to go back to the gym, spa, fitness or zumba, rumba, mumba.

I want normal people to stay normal, to breathe normal, to not feel these constraints. Women need their self-esteem back. The women I used to know turned into these nasty bitches who will do anything to fit in size 2 petite or 0 even though they are a decent size 6, 8 or 10, they suck in their bellies when they walk, they carry weird looking shakes in their purses, and the funniest thing and probably the saddest is that they think men will love them the way they are now. Skin and bones, with their jeans falling from their flat butts, exhausted and looking pale. I agree that most men have an image of what a beautiful women should look like, the model type, tall, slim, long lean legs, firm rear and a “rich” bra area.

But in order to achieve that most women skipped a few steps. They went from eating to apparently “forgetting” to eat or skipping meals intentionally, then around midnight they’ll get famished and devour every bite they can get their hands on, they’ll spend quite a while in the bathroom afterwards doing disgusting things, then next day, tired, and hungry they’ll start the day over with water and lemon, hitting the gym and in the end drinking more water.

To be honest I like to work out, but I like to eat in the same time. I am a huge gourmand, I have a lot of cravings, but I never cross my own boundaries. I never let food dictate my well-being. Being a person with a big appetite and a very sensitive stomach, I have to “eye-ball” and mentally measure the amount of food I’m ingesting. Excesses are always bad. I drink (if I can) 2 liters and sometimes more of water daily, with lemon ☺, because it makes it easier to drink bigger quantities and not because is en vogue. I am a morning person, but I also like to sleep in if it’s allowed. Sleeping between 6-8 hr will do the trick in helping maintain a balanced diet. Power naps are welcomed (10-15 min nap), power walks (45-1 hr vivid, mildly speed walks), stretching first thing in the morning, etc. etc.

And when I want to lose weight fast or even when I have no such intentions I go to school and study for my exams. Long ours in the library, projects, writing essays, taking more classes, tutoring….all these are stressing me out more than anything. Oh, and deadlines!! Deadlines make me lose wight. After a stressful 2 weeks of exams and projects I’m tired. Then I get depressed about not being able to finish my work in a timely matter, then I lose appetite, and when I lose appetite I lose weight. I’m not promoting this diet, but it’ll sure help if I can be a student…for….forever. ☺

I don’t have reasons to lose weight, but I sure have dozens of reason to try to stay healthy.