No one told me that when I open my soul for some people I’ll get their foot prints “stamped” on my insights, so deep that I feel like there’s no way to undo it, no way to pretend I’ve never met them, no way to forget. At all.

Because when you’re open for love it’s like opening a coffee shop in the morning: people are attracted by the signs you put out in the window, by the offers, by your smile when they finally come in. You greet them at the door and invite them to sit. Some of them will finish their cup and leave shorty after, some will linger for a while, some will be indecisive, confused, they’ll ask questions. So you explain how things are in your shop. If they like what you provide for them they’ll stay, or even if they decide to leave – they’ll have a good reason to come back.

Just like that moment when you start an affair. You do the host and guest game for a while. You smile, you greet, you offer, you receive. Some people will stay, and share the bed until late, some will ask for more, so you’ll roll over in the sheets again, and again….then they leave. If they liked it they leave a tip on the side of the bed, a phone number, an address, a thank you note.

To the people who come and go in our lives I say this: make sure you clean your dirty feet at the door before you come in. I’m clean. And I want to keep it that way. To the ones who walked their moody boots across my floors – don’t bother to come back, unless you bring a mop and a bucket. And if they insist they better leave a good tip on the way out. Those are the ones who will never return – not even for a cup of coffee.

To be continued….