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Cardiothoracic x-ray, 21.03.2015

I knew it was going to be epic by the way I started the week. I got to spend my last day in my 20’s at the ER. If I had to describe this experience in a few words I would say it was almost enlightening. I got to know more about the medical institutions in Romania, about fears, diseases and other human interactions.

If I had to describe my last year in my 20’s I would say that it’s been very challenging, with many (emotional) downs and a lot of ups. A whole year of struggling to find the better version of myself, a whole year to deal with the first real adulthood challenges and responsibilities. It’s been a big change of scenery for me, I changed my home, my work routine, I met new people and I moved in a different part of the world.

I won’t deny it – it felt really hard and overwhelming at times. I proved myself that I can be adaptable, I can find myself in a new place, among new people and still be the better version of who I once was.

After badass 28, I went through extremely challenging 29.

What’s got 30 to offer?

A lot of adventures I hope, many more sunny days, a lot of walking, finding and discovering. This year I want to visit a new place, learn how to drive, spend more time near the water and do more of that relaxing gardening.

That bucket list is, in fact, a lot longer, but everything meaningful that I’ve done so far it got done with very small steps. Tomorrow is just another beginning.

Farewell 29, welcome 30!