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It’s been a while since my last visit. Got a lot to deal with and no ways to express myself. So I passed on the opportunity to write. I occasionally opened the page and looked at the screen. It’s been blank (in my head, down the page and around). Tonight is quiet, no one around, no sounds, except a song I have on the background that it’s been in my head for hours and hours.

I’ve realized how far I am from anybody I know, so far from home, my other home, and at times so alone. The angst of trying to figure myself out has passed for now, just for now.

Can’t say that I have a lot to put down but the very idea that when I’ll be let’s say…40, I’d look back on what used to hunt me and I’ll get amused.

What have I done since the last post? Not much. Just got happy, and then got mad and then angry. In my best days, I can exhibit the glory of my manic-depressive self. And on those same days I have no idea why I’ve been put on this planet.

On other days, I count my blessings. Which are, oh, so many. But stuck in one place and so bitter I cannot seem to see when my luck has found me.

This is so random. It’s been a while, that’s why.

“Spilling/Spinning” (Brandon Boyd)

…and the song that’s been in my head a whole 2-day duration…