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What’s mine is mine

What’s yours is also mine – you once said.

If I fail in my equation is due to all the faulty premises

Of all the promises you’ve made

All words you’ve spoken have fallen dark.

No deep breath or leap of faith is going to fill the empty place you put inside.

All there’s left is a massive hole in a chest that’s overflown

With left traces of your unsettled self.

I have gotten blind, and deaf and stupid.

You’ve made me afraid of words

Words that slap you in the face and leave marks all over.

You should have used a knife.

It would have been quicker and cleaner.

You chose the mess.

To all the promises you’ve made I offer you an empty box

Keep ’em all there for the next person you’ll break.

My nearness has closed in. So walk away.

I have a brand new set of knives under the bed.

I keep ’em in that box you gave me the day we’ve met