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“It’s not the world who hurts you, but your own expectations”. I’ve read that somewhere, don’t remember where, so I can’t credit anybody for it. Sorry ’bout that.

Nowadays I just credit myself for no longer getting mad at people. I just learned to expect the lowest out of the people I once thought the highest of. These might also not be my words. I probably read them somewhere. Again. My apologies.

It’s harder and harder to stay original in a world so full of imitations. So we play pretend. The majority of the time we spent assuming things that we want to believe are about us or when it comes to people, we just socialize for the sake of imitating socially acceptable behavior or for pretending that we are still part of a group. When growing up we were seeking acceptance from others, we gave our very best to be/become popular. The older we get we just retreat in our bubble of comfort and we refuse to like the same old shit anymore. We cease to fake smile at people that we never liked, and we spit out words that hurt.

No filter lately. Just like all the other stuff I realized recently….my words would either attract a great mind or would offend a weak one (this is a quote, not mine, I swear – I don’t typically own that great of an English vocabulary to sound that good).

Now, to be completely frank, I think I like fewer and fewer people the older I get. So, it is really far fetched to say that I like or even sympathize with the people that were once my “groupies”. At best I can tolerate.

So, if you are not a dog I’m not even sure I really like you anymore. I can only tolerate you.